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Shredneck LLC - the ultimate guitar & bass warm-up and practice tool!

Shredneck LLC Shredneck LLC-the ultimate guitar & bass warm-up and practice tool! Located in Connecticut, Shredneck LLC is a privately held company.  Shredneck LLC offers innovative guitar and bass products and accessories within the music industry.   Our main products are the patented Shredneck (TM), Dreadneck, Classneck and Bassneck practice devices designed for guitar and bass players.  Known as the "Ultimate Practice and Warm-up Tool" or the "Ultimate Take Anywhere Practice Device" the Shredneck product range offers musician's the opportunity to practice and develop their playing skills when an instrument is not available or convenient. Address: Shredneck LLC PO Box 77 West Granby CT 06090 Tel: 860.413.9787 info@shredneck.com Customer Service: fred@shredneck.com

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