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  • Much love and appreciation for such a great guitarist and friend. To see him play should be on every guitarist’s bucket list.  by Keith George

  • Jimi Rocks! Can't wait to hook up another show together. Zero One Zero, by James Ferrentino Aug 2019

  • Your skill is awesome! Sherry Gillmore Aug 2019

  • Amazing guitarist, you have to see him more than once, because every time he plays a song it’s always different and always better. John A  Aug.2019

  • Always a pleasure to see you on my trips up north. Trying to get you booked at the clubs down here! by Carol Farfaglia July 2019.
  • Come back to the chance theatre in poughkeepsie by scott sherman  2019

  • Huge fans for literal decades; appreciate the contributions to our buddy Mark Allen Lanoue's new "Fiction Syxx" project as well. Thanks for the Matt Herring interviews,  2019

  • God bless and keep rockin'! by Elliott and Linda McGough of Mustard Seed Productions 2018

  • JIMI is, indeed, an amazing player and an awesome individual!  He certainly tore it up on GIVEN SIGHT! by Mark Allen Lanoue 2018

  • Chris Lancia: How could you not love Jimi Bell! Fantastic guitarist as well as an amazing person! Oct.8.2017

  • Tom Berry: One of the best guitar-slingers around!! Oct.6.2017

  • Eddie Dice: Worlds worlds greatest guitarist right here!! Oct.6.2017

  • JBAR: Jimi, keep rocking. Can't wait to see Beyond Purple again !! Oct.6.2017

  • Don Marren; good to see you out there playing away. Oct.6.2017

  • Richie Tahoe: Love you brother... Oct.6.2017

  • pete gribben: Jimi rocks, Oct.6.2017 

  • Wally: Cant wait to more of your gigs!  Good luck on tour. Wally Oct.5.2017

  • Christina Mitchell, Keep on rockin xx, Oct.5.Oct.7.2017

  • Todd pfeffer:  jimi my brother. Best guitar tech job I have.   Oct.5.2017

  • Andy Lafon: Your soloing is great on SOTLS!! Oct.8.2017

  • Julius: The man with the fastest hands.  Oct.5.2017

  • Ella Russo: LOVE you Jimi! You are the Master!! Oct.5.2017

  • Mark: Nice site Jimi. Always enjoy seeing you play live.  Oct.5.2017

  • Vera Steti: Greetings to my favorite guitarist !!! Hope to see you soon Jimi  Nice web  Oct.5.2017

  • Carol Farfaglia: Hey Jimi, nice web site!  Looking forward to seeing you in February down here! Rock on brother!Oct.5.2017

  • David "Buddah-Dave" Bradbury: Been a long time.  Hope you are well. Oct.5.2017

  • Terri Bingham: Hi hope all is well!!  See you soon! Oct.5.2017

  • AllThatShreds: Great site Jimi!  Oct.5.2017

  • Lisa: Nice page - hope to see you Saturday! Oct.5.2017

  • Dawn: Hey Jimi! The new page is great  Oct.5.2017

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